• Unit 2807 Indigo Icon Cluster F, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE


AL MAL is a trading company that has a vast and diverse product range. They have a global presence along which helps them meet the requirements of their clients. We have successfully bridged the gap between demand and supply, by developing a highly smooth and extremely efficient supply chain. We work in all sectors and segments also successfully tailoring our services to cater to the emerging markets.

Our team brings not only the expertise but also a zeal to provide our customers the products and services the desire along with cultivating a successful relationship with all our stakeholders.

We have a logistics team that is highly efficient in making sure our products our delivered within the time frame. Our experts are always making sure they are regularly evaluating and analyzing the product that is sent out

AL MAL has created a niche segment for themselves by being informed of the latest innovations and changing prices of the products in order to provide our clients with the best of our services.

The products range include polymers which are PET, ENG Plastics, polyethylene.

Agro commodities segment includes spices seeds, cloves cumin and coriander seeds among others.  We supply products both internationally and locally in Dubai. We have facilities that are specifically designed and customized to store these products so as that they do not lose authenticity

When it comes to the construction market the quality of our product is top- notch, the bitumen we source is a high-quality product with a rising demand for it.

Our global presence has given us access to a variety of steel and iron ore companies, this enables us to procure the steel, cooper, aluminum and metal scraps.

We also deal in fertilizers such as NKP and DAP.

Our product range also includes glycols, aromatics  and TDI toluene diisocyanate