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Agro Commodities

AL MAL has been trading in agro products that include dry fruits, spice and seeds among other things. We supply products both internationally and locally in Dubai. We have facilities that are specifically designed and customized to store these products so as that they do not lose authenticity.

Our partners and stakeholders being industry leaders in their respective fields and our clients are spread across the globe and we ensure our logistics team is top notch to guarantee supply on time. The company has a presence in every inch of activities that involve agro products that include trading, importing, and supplying.


Spices and Seeds:

Spices are an important aspect of cooking across the world. They have a universal language and are used in different ways.


A native of the Maluku Islands in Indonesia, found both in the whole form and ground form, available throughout the year, as different countries have different harvest seasons. Also have several health benefits as they have a high content of nutrients and can also be used as antioxidants.


Cumin Seed:

A native of the Middle East countries and along to the east of India. These are available in the ground and whole form. the health benefits that they include are help in reducing cholesterol, and weight reduction and lowers stress. It is the second most popular spice and used in cuisines across the world.


Coriander Seeds:

Coriander be it in the fresh form or in the dried and ground form, has an appeal across the world. Primarily a native of the southern European countries and northern African countries. They have a unique aromatic flavor, and this is one of the reasons for it being a highly popular ingredient for cooking. It is also said to have several health benefits.


Fennel Seeds:

A highly popular and widely used seeds, grown along the Mediterranean shores, belonging to the carrot family. It is rich in protein and other nutrients.

Fennel seeds are not only used in cooking but also can be used as an antioxidant, it is also a rich source of vitamin C.


Dill Seeds:

Mainly a native of the Mediterranean region and southern Russia, both the seed and the herb are used for flavoring. It is a one of kind plant that produces both an herb and spice. Also, a lot of cultures believe that it also has a number of medicinal properties.

Raw Herbs

Raw herbs are a widely popular product across the world due to the medicinal advantages they offer. A lot of cultures consider raw hers an integral part of their cuisines.

These are the closest form one can get of the original herb. A lot of these herbs due to their high nutritional value are used in a variety of teas as well.

Senna Leaves & Pods:

Available in both the pods and leaves form, they are used mainly for the medical value they carry. They are also used to make herbal teas.

Cassia Tora Seed:

A rich source of Vitamin A is used for various culinary and medicinal values. These belong to the Caesalpiniaceae plant family.

Dry Fruits & Nuts:

Dry fruits and nuts are widely popular across the world they can be consumed in the raw dry form or can be used for culinary purposes. Due to their wide popularity, dry fruits and nuts are always on high demand. Be it in the kernel or shell form we at AL MAL have always provided the clients with the best quality and continue to do so.

Food Grains, Pulses & Beans:

Today technology has changed the way we work communicate and eat as well. There is a rise in the demand of organically produced food and we at AL MAL are pioneers for this kind as there seems to be niche market that has been created for it. Our food grains be it pulses and beans or wheat our quality is top- notch.